Law and Education: The Practice of Accountability

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by Roderick C. Flynn Production/Release Date: October 2005

  1. Liability for Education Malpractice – Coming Soon to a School Near You? Sandra M. Anderson
  2. Cries from the Past: Some Thoughts about Defending a Historical Claim of Sexual Misconduct Against a School Board Grant Bowers
  3. L’article 23 de la Charte: La prochaine generation de litiges Ronald F. Caza
  4. The Intersection of the Safe Schools Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act Sarah Colman and Allyson Otten
  5. Avalanche Disaster: Lessons to be Learned Eleanor Doctor
  6. Accountability and the Long-term Consequences of Mandated Standardized Testing W. Rod Dolmage
  7. The Duty to Accommodate Richard R. Evenson and Roderick Flynn
  8. School Closures in Ontario Michael A. Hines
  9. Take Rights Seriously, Taking Pluralism Seriously Peter D. Lauwers
  10. Moving an Inclusive Education Ideal into Reality: How Will We Know? Dulcie McCallum
  11. Special Education and Student Discipline Eric M. Roher and Anthony F. Brown
  12. Accountability: The Investigation and Disposal of Complaints Before the Ontario College of Teachers Christopher Sach-Anderson
  13. Achieving Accountability in Education through a Paradigm Shift from a Medical and Economic Model to an Ethical and Moral Model Focusing on Human Dignity Reva Schafer
  14. Virtual School Environments: Should Schools Be Obliged to Protect Students in Cyber-Space? Dr. Shaheen Shariff
  15. Keeping Youths in School: Program and Policy Implications William T. Smale, John M. Burger and José L. da Costa
  16. Privacy Law and Accountability N. Tymochenko and R. Keel