Focusing on the Future: Seeking Legal and Policy Solutions in Education

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by W.F. Foster & W.J. Smith, ed.
Production/Release Date: September 1999

Papers presented at the Tenth Annual CAPSLE Conference in Toronto, 1999.

A. Education Governance

  • Michael Harrington & Rodney Zdebiak Recent developments in the Law of School Closures and Reorganizations: The Rights of Parents and Responsibilities of School Authorities
  • William Smith, William Foster & Helen Donahue Educational Reform and Governance in Canada: Quebec’s Bold New Experiment
  • Frank Peters Financial Equity and Constitutional Rights

B. Education Administration

  • Greg Dickinson Fault, No-Fault and Fiduciary Duty: School Boards’ Liability for Employee Torts
  • Maureen Reid The Liability of School Councils and Their Members
  • Julian Porter A Talk About Libel
  • William Markle & Eric Bungard Coroner’s Inquest: Implications for Educators
  • Lori Price & Gillian Calder Everything You Always Wanted to Know (Or Should Know) About Investigating Harassment Complaints: Avoiding Common Procedural Pitfalls
  • Robert Keel Dealing With Parental Harassment
  • Ian Pickard R. v. M.R.M.: The Supreme Court of Canada Rules on Searches in a School Setting
  • Reynold Robertson Search and Seizure in a School Setting

C. Staff Relations

  • John Judson & Kelly Tranquilli The Changing Role of the Principal: Life After Bill 160
  • Elizabeth Shilton After Bill 160: Some Reflections on the Future of Education Collective Bargaining in Ontario
  • Susan Langley The Impact of Massive Legislative Change on the Life of a Classroom Teacher
  • Sandra Anderson Disability and Stress in the School Workplace
  • Noella Martin Human Rights Issues and Employment in School Boards
  • John May, Richard Evenson & Roderick Flynn Teacher Misconduct

D. Special Education

  • Brenda Bowlby Focusing on the Future: Accommodating Special Needs
  • Martha Mackinnon & Cheryl Milne Special Education: Accommodation and Expectation
  • Brenda Sautner & Rick Morrow General, Special and Inclusive Education: Can We Have It All

E. Independent School

  • David Brown Independent Schools: Fundamental Principles and Current Challenges
  • Gary Duthler Independent Schools: Developments in Policy and Law in Western Canada