Education in Transition: Legal Issues in a Changing School Setting

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by W.F. Foster, ed.
Production/Release Date: September 1995

Papers presented at the Sixth Annual CAPSLE Conference in Ottawa, 1995.


A. Educational Governance

  • Dale Gibson School Governance and the Constitution: On Ryerson’s Ghost Returns - But What Is It Saying?
  • Robert G. Keel First Nations Education Governance
  • Wayne Russell Education: Governance and Delivery in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Donna Cansfield Education Governance and Delivery: Ontario

B. Educational Management & Administration

  • Frank Peters School Management Models
  • Harold Brathwaite Co-operative Ventures: Education’s Survival Strategy for the New Millenium
  • Greg M. Dickinson & W. Rod Dolmage Education Law and Multiculturalism: A Trio Becomes a Quintet
  • Cheryl J. Elliott & Karen J. Weisz Employment Equity Legislation in Ontario
  • J. Fraser Mann Copyright Law and Educational Institutions
  • Tom Wright The Education System and Routine Disclosure/ Active Dissemination
  • William F. Foster Medication of Pupils and Related Issues

C. Special Education

  • Wayne MacKay & Vincent Kazmierski And On the Eighth Day, God Gave Us...: Equality in Education - Eaton v. Brant Board of Education and Inclusive Education
  • Brenda Bowlby & Catherine Peters Impact of the Human Rights Code and The Charter of Rights and Freedom on the Pedagogical Debate on Inclusion

D. Safe Schools

  • G.M. Thomson Violence and Society
  • Barry W. Earle & Michael P. Fitzgibbon Violence in Schools: Suspensions, Expulsions and the Young Offenders Act
  • John Beatty The Disruptive Student: Ironies, Issues and Dilemmas
  • Robert W. Heath Keeping Our School Safe - A Zero Tolerance Approach
  • Stu Auty Safe Schools - Everybody’s Responsibility
  • M.A. Zuker Violence and Schools: Student Rights and Discipline