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Monday, November 30, 2020 - 1:00 - 2:00 EST - WEBINAR

CAPSLE is pleased to announce our next webinar, “On their toes: discussing the ever changing demands of educating students during a pandemic,” which will take place on November 30, 2020 beginning at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

This webinar will update CAPSLE members on the most important education and law developments arising from the COVID-19 crisis.  Each region has different issues, and we are taking a “cross country” panel approach to discussing the many key developments.

Our knowledgeable panel members include:  J. Kent Donlevy, University of Calgary, AB; Ian Pickard, McInnes Cooper, Halifax, NS; and Heather Ann McConnell, Goldblatt Partners, Toronto, ON.

Registration for the webinar is free of charge.  We want to express special thanks the webinar sponsor, McInnes Cooper.  McInnes Cooper is a long-standing supporter of CAPSLE, and we greatly appreciate their contribution.

We are very pleased to confirm that we will be using a PheedLoop virtual conferencing platform for this webinar.  This is the same platform that we will be using (with some additional features) for the May 2021 conference.  PheedLoop is a Canadian company that strives to make organizing conferences, meetings, and trade shows easy with event management software. From streaming and real-time video networking to “gamification” and exhibit booths, PheedLoop’s virtual event systems can bring the on-site event experience to the virtual world.  We invite you to check it out on November 30, so you can see just how effective the virtual conference experience can be. 

To register for the webinar, please send an email to info@capsle.ca and a space will be saved for you.  Once you have emailed your request to participate in the webinar, a confirmation message will be returned to you.  A reminder email setting out your log in information will be sent closer to the webinar date and again on the morning of the webinar.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lori at info@capsle.ca or at 905-702-1710.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!



Welcome to the online home of CAPSLE – the Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education. Here you will find information about the organization and its members, as well as the benefits that CAPSLE offers to its membership groups. 

CAPSLE serves a wide variety of stakeholders in the education and law communities, with a focus on the practical implications of how the law affects the education systems across the country.  Those stakeholders include academics, teachers, administrators, board members and trustees, union representatives, professional staff, government and lawyers – and that is not an exhaustive list.  In 2020, the education and law stakeholders have experienced one of the most challenging professional and personal crises of our lifetime.  The closure of our schools and near-complete shutdown of communities and our society in Canada has presented a significant challenge.  How do we continue to offer Canadian students the kind of education they deserve?  How do we ensure that legal obligations to all stakeholders continue to be met, including health and safety, accommodation of students with disabilities, commitments to employees, and more?  How should our laws be interpreted to address the challenges brought by the pandemic?  What new laws have been passed to deal with these unprecedented issues in schools, universities and colleges?

For CAPSLE, the COVID-19 emergency meant that we could not hold our annual conference in Ottawa.  We remain grateful to the Ottawa conference planning committee and all of our speakers and presenters for their contributions. We are working on a plan to convert this content and deliver it to CAPSLE members.  Although we could not meet in person in Ottawa, we held a successful virtual AGM on May 2, 2020 during which a new Board of Directors was elected.

CAPSLE and its Board will focus on carrying out its mandate through virtual and electronic means, and planning another great conference in Fredericton on May 2-4, 2021.  This initiative has been ongoing for several years with our webinars and publications.  We are now more motivated than ever to deliver regular content and engage with members on social media.

We welcome your views on what CAPSLE can do to support its members and engage in professional development in these current circumstances.  There is so much we can learn from each other in the CAPSLE community as we solve challenges presented by the lockdowns, and start to reopen parts of our schools and communities.  Please reach out to us with your experiences and requests for engagement from CAPSLE!

The intersection of law and education is in the news and our lives on a daily basis.  I encourage you to keep an eye on CAPSLE’s website and social media, and to consider membership in this great organization.  If you are already a member, thank you for your continued support!  

Kate Dearden

President, 2020-2021