Membership in CAPSLE

Created for the primary purpose of increasing the level of knowledge and understanding of those interested or involved in legal issues affecting education, CAPSLE is an organization that provides a forum for a balanced debate. It strives to foster understanding of various perspectives on education and the law, and facilitates communication and cooperation among all partners.

CAPSLE accomplishes this purpose by:

CAPSLE Member Resource

CAPSLE Conference materials are posted on a CAPSLE Members only web page approximately one year after the said Conference. If you wish the most up-to-date information you MUST attend the Annual Conference. (NOTE:  You must be a CAPSLE member to access this Resource.)

The presentations (papers and powerpoint slides) from past CAPSLE Conferences starting with the 2011 CAPSLE Conference are available for CAPSLE Members to download. The papers and the powerpoint slides for each Conference year have been organized as two digital PDF documents which have been bookmarked, indexed and are fully searchable. There is a Master Index which provides the Conference Indices for all of the Conferences in one digital PDF document which has been bookmarked, indexed and is fully searchable.

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