Archive: 01/09/2015

CAPSLE Comments is published four times per year. It seeks to provide an avenue for the exchange of ideas and information amongst members concerning the many a varied legal issues which affect education in Canada. Current-year issues are available for logged-in members.

Articles featured in CAPSLE Comments are written by members of the Association and, unless otherwise stated, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Association of its Board of Directors. Nor should items dealing with legal issues be considered as legal advice, but rather as a general commentary. The newsletter is edited by:

Rod Flynn
tel: 416-212-7641; email:


Remember that CAPSLE Comments is YOUR quarterly newsletter, and its continued success depends on your support and active participation. Consequently, members are encouraged to submit to the Editor items — be they recent court or arbitral decisions, statutory amendments (proposed or adopted), news clippings and the like — which may be of interest to others. Similarly, members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in the “INFORUM” section of the newsletter or to comment on articles which have appeared in that section. Finally, the Publications Committee and the Editor would like to receive suggestions as to how the newsletter may be improved.


Advertising space is available within CAPSLE Comments in business card, quarter-page, and half-page sizes. Ads are accepted in both camera-ready or file format. For information pertaining to production deadlines and rates, please contact Lori Pollock.