Reaching For Reasonableness: The Educator As Lawful Decision-Maker

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by W.F. Foster & W.J. Smith, ed. Production/Release Date: September 1998

Papers presented at the Ninth Annual CAPSLE Conference in Kananaskis, 1998


A. School Governance

  • Dale Gibson Will the Supreme Court of Canada Restore Effective School Board Governance in Alberta?
  • David King Achieving Balance: The Province, School Boards and School Councils
  • Robert C. Maybank The Pursuit of Equality of Educational Opportunity by the Alberta Government
  • Anne Halsall Conceptions of School Councils in Nova Scotia and Implications for School Governance

B. Fair Decision-Making

  • Hon. R.P. Kerans The Rule of Law: Its Role in Canada’s Schools
  • Judith C. Anderson School Board Hearings: Political Fairness
  • Judith C. Anderson Fairness and Reasonableness in the Evaluation of Professional Staff
  • Brenda Stokes Verworn Privacy and School Records: Fair Ground Rules

C. School Board Liability

  • John C. Batzel Negligence and the Liability of School Boards and Teachers Towards Students
  • Noella Martin Liability for Statements about Employees and Students
  • Keith Mitchell and Suzanne Kennedy Sexual Misconduct in Schools: Recent Jurisprudence
  • Eric Roher Child Abuse in a School Setting: Legal Obligations of Educators and the Duty to Report

D. Safe Schools

  • Brenda Sautner Violence in Schools: Shedding New Light on the Matter
  • Walter H. Freel Reducing Harmful Behaviour in Schools Through the Use of Restorative Measures
  • Reynold A. Robertson School Responsibilities in Defined Circumstances: Search & Seizure & Police Investigations
  • Daniel P. Carroll Parental Harassment: When Reasonableness Fails?

E. Accommodating Staff & Students

  • Peter D. Lauwers Accommodating Diversity in Education
  • Beverly Frizzell Psychological Disability
  • David J. Corry Illness and Disability in the Workplace: How to Navigate the Legal Minefield
  • Scott R. Spencer The Duty to Accommodate: The Union’s Perspective
  • E. Calvin Fraser Administering Medical Treatment in Schools

F. Staff Relations

  • Earl L. Hjelte Administering Collective Agreements
  • Allen Ponak Teacher Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution: What are the Alternatives?
  • Frank Peters The Principal’s Role in Teacher Discipline

G. Religion

  • William J. Smith and William F. Foster Section 93 and School Reform: Is God on the Way Out of Public Education?