Navigating Change in Education: The Law as A Beacon

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by W.F. Foster & W.J. Smith, ed.
Production/Release Date: September 1997

Papers presented at the Eighth Annual CAPSLE Conference in St. John’s, 1997.


A. School Governance & Accountability

  • Robert C. Maybank Have Constitutionally Protected Denominational Guarantees Inhibited the Modernization of Educational Governance Structures?
  • Frank Peters Remaking Canadian Education
  • Maureen E. Reid The Inter-Relationship Between School Boards and School Councils: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution
  • William J. Smith & Carolyn Sturge-Sparkes Public Education, Accountability and the Foggy Dew
  • M. Ann Jones The Human Element of Education Change

B. Employee Relations

  • Elizabeth J. Shilton & Amanda Pask Collective Bargaining for Teachers in an Era of Fiscal Restraint: More Regulation or Deregulation?
  • Edouard Allain Rebalancing the Power in Collective Bargaining in the Education Sector
  • Marie Kerchum & Rod Sherrell The B.C. Criminal Records Review Act and The B.C. College of Teachers: Our Experience
  • William W. Markle amp; Patrick J. O’Neill Ontario College of Teachers
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice G.V. LaForest Off-Duty Conduct and the Fiduciary Obligations of Teachers
  • Reynold Robertson The Duty of Counsellors To Maintain Student Confidences and the Circumstances Where There May Be A Requirement of Disclosure

C. Student Welfare

  • W.R. Dolmage Lay Off the Kids! Moral Panic and the Myths of Youth Crime and Unsafe Schools
  • Eric Roher Violence in Schools, Student Rights and the Young Offenders Act
  • R.G. Keel Balancing the Human Rights of Students and the Peace, Order and Good Government of Education Systems
  • Noella Martin Special Education: Some of the Remaining Questions
  • Eleanor Doctor Peanut Allergies: A Medico-Legal Perspective
  • James Gunn & LeRoy M. Lenethen Prudence and Reasonableness in the Management of Air Quality Problems in School
  • Peter Ringrose High School Law Textbooks and Law Courses: The Miseducation of Youth?

D. South Africa

  • William F. Foster Constitutional Framework for Education in South Africa and Canada: Some Comparisons
  • Helen Donahue Education Transformation in South Africa: The School Context for Policy Development
  • Johan Beckman A Legal-Policy Perspective on National Education Law and Policy in South Africa: Their Possible Impact on the New Education System in South Africa