Law in Education: Help or Hindrance?

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by Roderick Flynn

Papers presented at the 14th Annual CAPSLE Conference in Jasper, 2003.

  1. And Justice for Some: The Funding of Historical, Independent High Schools in Saskatchewan Mark Anderson
  2. Limitations on Teachers’ Right to Strike: Should Essential Services Legislation Apply to the Education Sector? Nancy F. Barteaux
  3. Teacher Performance Appraisal: The Change, The Use Joanne Bénard and Dr. Shirley Van Nuland
  4. School Discipline in a Legal and Regulatory Environment: Perspectives of High School Vice-Principals Ken Brien
  5. Issues in Long Term Disability Insurance: An Educator’s Primer Eric J. Bundgard and Richard Evenson
  6. The Rule of Law in Professional Disciplinary Hearings: Help or Hindrance? James T. Casey
  7. Teacher/Student Interaction H.M. Connelly
  8. The Impact of Special Education Appeals and Special Education Tribunals to Ontario School Boards Yvette DeBeer
  9. How Independent are Independent Schools? Eleanor Doctor
  10. Between a Legal Rock and a Practical Hard Place: The Principal Delimma Collette Dowhaniuk, Faye Drennan and Rob Whetter
  11. Equality in the School House: Has the Charter Made a Difference? William F. Foster and William J. Smith
  12. Advising Principals: Using the Law to Improve Schools and Support School Leaders J. Rene Gallant
  13. Teachers and Their Families as School Trustees: Legislative Limits and Constitutional Rights Dale Gibson
  14. What Should We Do About Bullying? Teresa Hepburn and Eric M. Roher
  15. Safe Schools: Some Lessons We Have Learned Michael Hill and Marion Hoffer
  16. Case Studies on Sexual Misconduct in the Education Context Vicki Kelman and Marion Hoffer
  17. The Ontario College of Teachers’ Professional Advisory on Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct: Beyond Its Delegated Powers? John W.T. Judson and Leanna J.T. Simpson
  18. A Preliminary View of Jurisdiction and Governance in the Field of Aboriginal Education in Ontario Al Krasauskas
  19. The Criminalization of Education David W.T. Matheson
  20. School Closure Decisions in Canada: Law, Policies and Politics John C. MacPherson, QC and Ian C. Pickard
  21. Pushing the Limits: School Board, Field Trips and Legal Liability Eleanor A. Olszewski
  22. Leadership and Governance in Public Education David Reid
  23. Equality Rights and Special Education Reynold Robertson
  24. “In The Public Interest” Privacy vs. The Public’s Right to Know Christopher Sach-Anderson
  25. Keeping Schools Out of Court: Reasonable Tort Standards for Schools to Address Psychological Harm Dr. Shaheen Shariff
  26. Bringing the Law into the Classroom: A Review of the Legal and Policy Issues Surrounding Suspensions, Exclusions and Expulsions Julie Thorburn
  27. When Special Needs Education and Safety Collide: How School Boards Can Balance the Competing Interests of Special Needs Students and Maintain a Safe School Environment Jennifer E. Trépanier and Brian P. Nolan
  28. The Funding of Public Education in Canada: Privatization By Stealth? Harvey Weiner
  29. Teacher Performance Appraisal Robert W. Weir and Guy B. Bisson