In Support of Lifelong Learning

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by Roderick C. Flynn
Production/Release Date: March 2005

Papers presented at the 15th Annual CAPSLE Conference in Ottawa, 2004.

Papers presented at the 13th Annual CAPSLE Conference in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, 2002.

  1. The Safe Schools Act, One Year Later Lessons Learned John Bell and Jennifer Trepanier
  2. School Discipline and the Law: The Perspective of High School Vice-Principals Ken Brien
  3. Lifelong Learning and Teacher Professional Development: Teacher Tests or Personal Tests? Richard R. Evenson and Roderick C. Flynn
  4. Privately Happy and Publicly Useful An Accountability Framework for Ontario’s Independent Schools Adrian Guldemond
  5. Equality and Special Education Wendy J. Harris and Jennifer A. Lamont
  6. Excursions – An Important Educational Tool Teresa Hepburn and Melanie Warner
  7. Is There a Better Way to Address Personal Harassment? Ombudsperson Intervention v. Investigation Model Patricia Janzen and Lucas Corwin
  8. Managing Sexual Misconduct in Schools R.G. Keel and N. Tymochenko
  9. Towards a Safe and Effective Learning Environment: The Delicate Balance of Rights and Order in Schools A. Wayne MacKay and Janet Burt-Gerrans
  10. Random Drug Testing in Schools What Does the Future Hold? Ian C. Pickard and Jacqueline E. Scott
  11. Parental Harassment Monika Reed
  12. Dealing with Parental Concerns Health Interactions – Resolving Interpersonal Conflict Valerie Riewe and Susan Fraser
  13. The Internet and Schools Eric M. Roher
  14. The Duty to Accommodate Kevin Sheehan and Robert Gagné
  15. Ontario’s Teacher Testing and Recertification Programme: Can Legal Rules Enforce a Commitment to Lifelong Learning? Elizabeth J. Shilton and Karen Schucher