Education & Law: Reaffirming the Partnership

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by W.F. Foster & W.J. Smith, ed.

Production/Release Date: September 1996

Papers presented at the Seventh Annual CAPSLE Conference in Victoria, 1996.

A. Canadian Charter and Human Rights

  • The Hon. Madam Justice Beverley McLachlin The Charter and Education
  • Judith C. Anderson Developments in Human Rights

B. Special Education

  • Terri Sussel Cohen Special Education Challenges in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Overview
  • Richard F. Daugherty Mainstreaming and Student Discipline in the United States: Recent Legal Decisions

C. School Rules and Pupil Discipline

  • Noella Martin Legally Effective School Rules
  • Martha Mackinnon Students, The Young Offenders Act, and School Discipline
  • Murray Mollard The Regulation of Student Conduct: Working with the Criminal Justice System - A Civil Libertarian Perspective
  • P. Geoffrey Plant & Lisa Slater Legally Effective School Ruiles

D. Teacher Discipline

  • Allan E. Black & Ana M. Lopez Teacher Discipline for Off-Duty Conduct: Is the Standard Too High?

E. Freedom of Information and Privacy

  • Eric M. Roher Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy: Employee Records and References
  • Brenda Stokes Verworn Ontario’s Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: Its Impact on School Counsellors

F. Copyright

  • Robert G. Howell Copyright and Education: Beyond Photocopying

G. School Board and Liability

  • James A. Dowler & Andrea L. Davis Contact Sports and School Board Liability: A Discussion of the Development of Sports Law in British Columbia and Its Implications on School Board Liability
  • Wendy Devine Harris School Board Liability for Sexual Misconduct: Recent Developments

H. Privatization of Education

  • Frank Brown Choice and Privatization of Education in the United States