President's Message

Hello and welcome to CAPSLE’s online home.  Here you will find information about the organization and its members, as well as the benefits that CAPSLE offers to its membership groups. 

CAPSLE serves a wide variety of stakeholders in the education and law communities, with a focus on the practical implications of how the law affects the education systems across the country.  Those stakeholders include academics, teachers, administrators, board members and trustees, union representatives, regulators and lawyers – and that is not an exhaustive list.  Best of all, our members are also our leaders, presenters and authors.  That allows us to tap into a broad range of experiences, knowledge and expertise, and to share informed perspectives about core and emerging issues of practical interest to the CAPSLE family.  We do that through a number of avenues, including an annual 2 ½ day conference, webinars and website articles, and we are always looking for new opportunities.

We are very proud of what CAPSLE has to offer, but we know that we can always do more.  So, if you have any thoughts on how we can encourage and inspire our education leaders, or how we can better meet your needs or interests, please let us know – every voice counts.

If you are interested in how law and education intersect, I encourage you to keep an eye on this website, and to consider membership in this great organization.  If you are already a member, welcome back and thank you!  

Judy Begley

President, 2019-2020