The Rocky Road Ahead: Balancing Competing Interests


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by Roderick C. Flynn
Production/Release Date: April 2011

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Papers presented at the 21st Annual CAPSLE Conference in Calgary, 2010.

1. Balancing Competing Interests in Professional Discipline Proceedings
James T. Casey

2. School Boards and Vicarious Liability
Teresa Drijber and Bruce Hutchison

3. Love, Lust and Learning: “Distinguishing the Permissible from the Forbidden” in Student-Faculty Relationships
Kevin S. Feth and Anne L.G. Cote

4. At Law’s End: In-School Administrator’s Exercise of Discretion in Disciplinary Decision-Making
Nora M. Findlay

5. Inclusive Education: Opportunities for Re-Design
Kerri Joffe and Roberto Lattanzio

6. The Ontario College of Teachers’ Innovative Approach to Dispute Resolution
Dianne A. Paquette

7. Off Duty Conduct: How Bright is the Line?
Ian C. Pickard and Cindy Locke

8. From Jones to Blackett: Responsibility, the Public Interest and Choice
Frank Peters

9. Health and Safety: The Intersection of Perspectives on What Makes a School Safe
Victoria Réaume and Christopher Perri

10. Marketing, Risk Management and Academic Freedom in the Modern University
Francine Rochford

11. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter & Blogs: How to Manage Social Media in a School Employment Context
Eric M. Roher and Kate A. Zavitz

12. Overcoming Legal Barriers to Using Restorative Practices in Ontario Schools
Kate Waters

13. The New Human Rights System in Ontario: Where are Teachers’ Human Rights Being Litigated
Robyn White and Immanuel Lanzaderas

14. A New Literacy Needed: Civil Liberties
Shirley Van Nuland, Hanna Scott, Susan Sydor and Daniel McLaughlin