The Law, Education & The Future: Bridging the Millennium


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by J. Paul R. Howard and Byrdena M. MacNeil
Production/Release Date: September 2003

Papers presented at the 11th Annual CAPSLE Conference in Charlottetown, 2000.

  1. When Teachers Are Accused of Breaking the Law
    Peter Annis
  2. Torts in Schools: A Prospective View
    Eric J. Bundgard
  3. An Administrator’s Role in Investigations in Schools
    Stephanie L. Carey and Jennifer E. Trémbley
  4. Dealing with Accountability Bombardment
    Rosemary Clark, Bruce McWhinnie and Joshua Phillips
  5. The Classroom Teacher and the Myth of Professionalism
    John K. Collins
  6. Public-Independent School Partnerships: An Historical Context and Current Possibilities
    Gary Duthler
  7. Effective Evaluation
    Richard R. Evenson and Roderick C. Flynn
  8. Student Discipline and the Crisis of Authority in Education
    Roderick C. Flynn and Richard R. Evenson
  9. The Implications of Off-Duty Conduct: A Discussion on the Repercussions on Teachers’ Employment
    Robert Gagné
  10. Section 43: A Teachers’ Association View
    Edward Hancock
  11. Achieving a Balance of Power: Parents and Educators
    John W.T. Judson
  12. Understanding the Professional Relationship: Respecting the Boundaries
    Marie Kerchum and Shirley Nakata
  13. Public Education: Future Shock Revisited or Hope for a Civil Society?
    Susan Langley
  14. Bridging Differences: Mediating Disputes in Education
    Nancy Love
  15. Non-Teaching Employees in Schools: What Standards Can School Boards Expect?
    Noella Martin
  16. Counseling Teachers Charged With Sexual Assault
    Paul J.D. Mullin, QC
  17. Suspension and Expulsion of Students
    Ian C. Pickard and Monika Lozinska
  18. Effective School Board Governance
    Marueen E. Reid
  19. Dealing With the Problem Parent
    Eric M. Roher
  20. Reasonable Accommodation in the Unionized Workplace
    Pascale-Sonia Roy and Eric Pietersma
  21. Search and Seizure in a School Setting: A Practical Legal Analysis
    Rosemary Scott