Rights, Responsibilities and Reasonableness: Striking the Balance in Education


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by W.F. Foster, ed.
Production/Release Date: May 1995

Papers presented at the Fifth Annual CAPSLE Conference in Saskatoon, 1994.


A. Canadian Charter and Human Rights

  • Jonathan L. Black-Branch (Ph.D.)
    The Impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Education in Canada
  • E.L. Hurlbert
    Rights, Responsibilities, and Reasonableness Conflict Management in Schools in the New Canada
  • Frank Peters & Craig Montgomerie
    Educators’ Attitudes Towards Rights

B. Educational Governance

  • Murray P. Scharf & Hervé O. Langlois
    Educational Governance: Principal Issues
  • Roger J.F. Lepage
    Governance Models for Minority Francophone Education in Canada 95
  • Donald B. Shanks & Barbara H. Eccles
    Aboriginal Education: The Challenge of Self-Government
  • William J. Smith & Alan Lombard
    School Governance in Québec: A Balance of Rights?
  • John Barton
    Princess Alexandra Community School: A Place Where Real Educational Issues Are Being Addressed Through Innovation and Change

C. Educational Administration

  • Rod Sherrell & Gordon Eddy
    Disciplinary Procedures of a Self-Regulatory Profession
  • Paul T. Clarke
    Transcending the Realm of Bargains: Teacher Rights and the Need for Community in Schools
  • Tom Ulrich
    Teacher Dismissal for Unsatisfactory Performance: Meeting the Legal Requirements
  • W.F. Foster
    Periodic Post-Tenure Review: The Canadian Experience

D. Rights, Responsibilities and Liabilities

  • Robert G. Keel & Edy Goto
    Liability Issues: Striking the Balance
  • Eleanor Doctor
    Sexual Misconduct: Protecting Students, Teachers and School Boards
  • Susan Sydor
    Within the Limits of the Law: Is there a Rational Approach to Educational Malpractice?
  • Ailsa M. Watkinson
    “I Think That Boys Should Not Do What They Do To Us.” Sexual Harassment in Schools

E. Special Education

  • Margaret Lipp
    An Emerging Perspective on Special Education: A Development Agenda for the 90s
  • Audrey Dean
    Education Issues Concerning Students Before Human Rights Commissions
  • Martha Mackinnon
    Special Education: A Pedagogical or Human Rights Issue in an Era of Political Correctness

F. Information and Communication

  • Andrew Martin
    Cancopy and Collective Licensing: The Case Against Fair Dealing and User Exemptions
  • Eric M. Roher
    Privacy, Confidentiality and Privilege in a School Context
  • Donald Layh
    Plain English: Increasing The Power of Our Writing
  • Janet A. Layh
    Jargon in Education: What Can Educators Do?

G. Independent Schools

  • P. Geoffrey Plant
    The Legal Position of the Independent School Student in British Columbia
  • Keith D. Walker & Christopher D. Gerrard
    Balancing Interests and Sustaining the Public Trust: The Case of Independent Schools and Home-Based Education in Saskatchewan