Education & Law: Strengthening the Partnership


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by W.F. Foster & F. Peters, eds.
Production/Release Date: April 1993
Papers presented at the Second Annual CAPSLE Conference in Edmonton, 1991.



  • Romulo F. Magsino
    The Immigrant Student and Multicultural Education: Exploring the Bases of Legal Entitlement
  • James R.P. Ogloff & Carol Meyers
    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Human Rights in Education: A Delicate Balance of Competing Interests
  • Janice A. Galivan
    Issues in Governance: Native Education in Canada
  • Ailsa M. Watkinson
    School Rules: Student Rights
  • Audrey Dean
    How Legislators and Policy Makers Can Protect the Rights of the Child in an Education Setting
  • Martha A. Mackinnon
    Sexual Abuse and Schools
  • Larry E. Rappel
    Stopping the Mobile Molester
  • Edward R.R. Carruthers
    Student Records: Confidentiality and Privacy Rights
  • Ray Fast
    Mainstreaming Special Needs Students: Some Thoughts
  • Michael A. Hines
    Malpractice in Education
  • Judith Anderson
    Dealing with the Marginal Teacher
  • J. Paul R. Howard
    Mandatory Retirement and School Boards: Some Lessons to be Learned from McKinney
  • Frances M. Rowe
    Mandatory Retirement: Some Implications for Public Post-Secondary Education in Ontario
  • Frank Peters
    Religion and Schools in Canada
  • Charles J. Russo
    Issues in Home Schooling: An American Perspective
  • John D. Rooke
    Dispute Resolution Through Arbitration and Mediation