Education and the Law: A Plea for Partnership

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by W.F. Foster, ed.
Production/Release Date: April 1995
Papers presented at First Annual CAPSLE Conference in Vancouver, 1990.



  • John P. Bell
    The Lawyer-Educator Team: Forging a New Direction in Understanding the Legal Status of Schools
  • Bjorn D. Leiren
    Employee Management (Evaluation): What’s Valid, What’s Legal?
  • David Givan
    The Jurisprudence of Teacher Evaluation and Discipline
  • Susanne Stushnoff
    The Freedom to Criticise One’s Employer
  • Earl L. Hurlbert & Margot A. Dyna
    Freedom of Expression Outside the Classroom
  • Nancy A. Flatters & Claude Oppenheim
    Mediation: the Nexus Between Law and Education Constructive Dispute Resolution in the School System
  • Wayne A. Mackay & Lyle I. Sutherland
    Making and Enforcing Rules in the Wake of the Charter of Rights
  • Robert L. Keel
    Order and Discipline in the School: Is the Current Legal Framework Adequate?
  • Audrey Dean
    The “Attendance Board”: an Alternative to Taking Truancy to School
  • Martha Mackinnon
    Aids and Schools
  • Eleanor Doctor
    Mandatory Testing of Body Fluids: Privacy Interests and Legal Limits
  • William F. Foster
    Child Abuse in Schools: Legal Obligations of School Teachers, Administrators and Boards
  • James W. Rea & Sandra M. Anderson
    Education Malpractice: What’s in Store for Canada
  • D.R. Taylor
    Special Education: a Legal Quagmire
  • John W. Burton
    Legal Status of Religion in Canadian Schools
  • Joe Pyra
    A Canadian and American Comparison: Church-state Constitutional Issues — a Canadian Perspective
  • Richard Daugherty
    A Canadian and American Comparison: Church-state Constitutional Issues an American Perspective
  • Donald A. Burgess
    Minority Education Rights in Quebec: Recent Legislative Issues
  • W. Jim Davies
    Minority Language Issues in Canadian Education
  • Diane R. Gagnon
    Copyright in Schools
  • David B. Williams
    Development Charges: an Emerging Funding Issue for Boards
  • Marvin A. Zuker
    Education and the Law in Canada: Emerging Challenges in the ’90’s