Students at the Centre


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by Roderick C. Flynn
Production/Release Date: April 2008
Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference held in Vancouver in 2007.

1. Students at the Centre: Report Card on the Judicial Approach to Student Issues
Judith C. Anderson

2. Suspensions and Expulsions: Safer Schools for Whom?
Jennifer Birrell and Paul Marshall

3. I Am Old Enough to do That? Age of Majority Issues in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario
Hugh H.M. Connelly

4. Teacher Evaluation: Making the Case for Student Involvement
Jerome G. Delaney

5. In-School Administrators’ Knowledge of Education Law: Results of a Study
Nora M. Findlay

6. Reflections, Observations and Realities: Bargaining Structures, Relationships and the Mixed Motive Dynamic
Hugh Finlayson

7. Evolution of the Careful and Prudent Parent Standard and Student Responsibility
Bruce Hutchison

8. Health and Safety of Students
Robert Keel and Nadya Tymochenko

9. “Stop, Look and Listen: What Right Do Students Want Schools to Protect?”
Doug Milak, Terry Osiowy, Ian Grant and David Swayze

10. Cyberbullying in Schools
Eric M. Roher

11. Collaboration: The Key to a Student-Centred Focus in Education
Reva Schafer and Janis Jaffe-White

12. Boundaries: When is the Line Crossed?
Lorraine Shore

13. Mapping Competing Normative Orders in Canadian High Schools
Donn Short

14. Walking the Tightrope: The Influence of Law in Balancing Competing Interests in Education
Sheila E. Stelk

15. International Programs: Rewards and Risks
Barbara Webster-Evans

16. Secondary Physical Education, Tort Law and Risk Avoidance: An Interpretive Analysis
David Young