Education Law: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

CAPSLE is pleased to invite presenters and participants to the 2018 conference, to be held from April 29 – May 1, 2018 at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront, Halifax, NS. The conference will be of interest to all those interested in how the law can affect leaders in education, including educators, lawyers, school board officials, board staff, faculty, students, parents and representatives of professional organizations, academia and government.

Conference Planning Committee

We are pleased to note that the following will be among the topics being presented:

    1. Teacher freedom of expression and privacy rights, including contemporary surveillance practices
    2. Accommodation issues, including the “Exclusion Provision” and its impact on the rights of students with disabilities
    3. The perspective of school principals on workplace mistreatment
    4. Transgender issues and the duty to accommodate
    5. Labour updates
    6. Restorative workplace investigations
    7. Cultural and religion issues
    8. Social media and employee discipline
    9. Sexual misconduct and human sexuality in the school context
    10. Ethics in education and educators’ behavior both on and off the job
    11. Dealing with problematic parents
    12. Pre-service teachers’ legal literacy and experiences with legal issues in practicum settings
    13. Responses to Children Self-injurious behaviours
    14. Practical and legal issues for school board in the use of schools as community hubs
    15. Ontario evolution of terms and conditions for principals and vice-principals.
    16. Law and students evaluations and the concept of teacher “discretion”
    17. Risk management and safe schools
    18. Hiring, promoting and staffing pitfalls and best practices
    19. Enjeux juridiques vis-à-vis le pouvoir de réprimander le comportement d’un élève, employé ou membre.
    20. Family Status Accommodation
    21. Duty to report suspected child abuse
    22. Sex education monopoly – parents vs the state
    23. Youth Criminal Justice Act and privacy rights of children and youth in Ontario
    24. Bullying and cyberbullying
    25. Health and Safety issues in schools

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact CAPSLE.

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