Call for Papers:
Saskatoon 2017

Presenters are being sought for inclusion in the agenda of the CAPSLE 2017 conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, from April 30 – May 2, 2017. This annual conference attracts experienced educators, lawyers, academics and others interested in the relationship between education and law, and more specifically in the practical application of the law in the education context. The objective of the CAPSLE 2017 conference is to bring together education stakeholders to explore ways in which we can become better educational leaders, within the existing legal structures and through future changes to the legal landscape.

Theme:  IN THE LAND OF LIVING SKIES: Expanding Horizons in Education and the Law

Proposal Submission Guidelines

  • name, address, title of presenter and contact information including telephone number, fax number and email address
  • brief personal details (position held and institution/organization) or CV
  • title of proposed paper and a brief explanation as to how the paper will address the conference theme
  • brief summary of the proposal paper: 50-100 words

While all proposals for the papers will be considered with interest, there are a few themes that are always of interest:

  • student issues, including collective and individual rights, students with special needs, Charter rights of students and educators
  • governance and funding issues
  • legal issues related to technology in education
  • competing interest of teachers and other education workers, employers, students, parents, funders, policy makers and communities
  • collective bargaining
  • duty to accommodate
  • schools as workplaces and a public resource
  • health and safety
  • educators as role models (personal and private lives of employees)

The program will include keynote/plenary sessions and approximately 35 concurrent sessions. Sessions are general 75 minutes duration. Individual, group or panel presentations are welcome. In keeping with CAPSLE’s mandate, we strongly encourage presenters to submit joint or panel presentations which will provide, for example, both union and management perspectives on any given topic. We also welcome submissions in either English or French, as well as those with a focus on post-secondary education.

Submitted papers will be considered for electronic publication in conference proceedings following the CAPSLE 2017 conference. Contributing authors to conference proceedings retain copyright of their papers.

NOTE: An electronic copy of your paper will be required on or before March 31, 2017 for inclusion on the conference papers external drive.


November 30, 2016


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