June 2015, Vol. 24, No. 4

¤ The Human Rights Tribunal of Alberta Holds School Board Liable for Workplace Discrimination By a Student ¤ Teacher Reinstated After Allegations of Sexual Abuse ¤ CASL Standard Email Checklist ¤ School Stabbing Report Makes 41 Recommendations to Improve School Safety ¤ Can a School Administrator Insist on Breathalyzer Testing as a Precondition to Admission to a School Prom? ¤

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March 2015, Vol. 24, No. 3

¤ Comments Regarding Strip Searches Lead to Minister’s Resignation ¤ Is a Teacher Injured While Playing on Bumper Cards on a School Trip Entitled to “Injury On Duty” Benefits? ¤ Le Programme d’insertion professionnelle du nouveau personnel enseignant:

les nouveaux enseignants doivent y participer activement ¤ Teacher Awarded Damages for Defamatory Statements Made Against Her ¤ To Pay or Not To Pay ¤ New Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 Amendments Expand School Boards’ Obligations ¤ Supreme Court of Canada Decision on the Right to Strike Could Have an Impact on the Education Sector ¤ Nova Scotia Board of Inquiry Finds Workplace Discrimination ¤

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December 2014, Vol. 24, No. 2

¤ Nova Scotia Government Introduces New Guidelines for Supporting Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students ¤ Beyond Sticks and Stones: Saskatchewan’s Action Plan to Address Bullying and Cyberbullying ¤ Recommendations Stemming from the Audit of the Tri-County Regional School Board ¤ Three Top Reasons to Attend the Next CAPSLE Conference ¤ Your Experiences, Your Comments, Your CAPSLE ¤

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September 2014, Vol. 24, No. 1

¤ Nova Scotia Court Finds Teacher With Mental Illness Poses Safety Risk To Students ¤ Childcare Obligations Fall Within “Family Status” Under Canadian Human Rights Act – Federal Court Of Appeal Releases Johnstone and Seeley Decisions and Clarifies Scope of Protection – Parental Obligation vs. Personal Choices ¤ Trustee Election Contributions and Disqualifying Conflicts of Interest ¤ Coroner’s Jury Recommendations Into Death of Jeffrey Baldwin ¤

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June 2014, Vol. 23 No. 4

¤ A Two-Point Perspective: When Discrimination Intersects With The Bully And Bullied ¤ Acceptable Use Of Technology Policies: How To Manage Employee Privacy Expectations With Respect To Personal Use Of School Technology ¤ Ontario Divisional Court Rules On Exemptions for Non-Catholic Students From “Substantially” Religious Mandatory Activities ¤ Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Rules Atheism Included In The Meaning Of “Creed” ¤

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March 2012 Volume 21 No 3

¤ Interim Injunction Granted in Saskatchewan Minority Language Charter Case – Conseil Scolaire Fransaskois v. The Government of Saskatchewan ¤ Health & Safety Issues for Teachers: Looking Back at Kendal v. St. Paul’s Roman Catholic School Division No. 20 ¤ Grievance Arbitration Award – The Alberta Teachers’ Association v. Edmonton Public School District No. 7 ¤ Human Rights Tribunal Finds That Students With Special Needs Are Entitled To Reasonable – Not Perfect – Accommodations ¤

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September 2011 Vol 21 No 1

¤ Sexting and Teenagers: OMG, What R U Thinking? ¤ Teacher Dismissal Upheld in Ontario Arbitration ¤ Legislation Update: Accessibility Standards Impose Obligations on Employers in Ontario ¤ What is Public Education and Why Does the Public Pay For It Anyway? ¤ Court Grants Interim Reinstatement to Dismissed Probationary Teacher ¤ Perquisites Directives Now In Effect ¤

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